Baju Melayu Moden Styling Tips That Is Sure To Impress

Lads, it’s the 21st century. There’s more to just polo tees and khaki shorts. It’s not that hard to add a touch of personality into your everyday outfits; simply put on a blazer over basic tees, wear a matching watch, or just pair plain sweatshirts with ripped jeans. Like how you can elevate everyday looks, you can do so much when you dress up in your traditional clothes! Stand out amongst the many baju Melayu moden you will see in the upcoming Raya with these simple baju Melayu moden styling tips! 

Source: genemartino.com.my

First and foremost, we look at the baju Melayu moden itself. There are various types and designs for baju Melayu moden in Malaysia. As the centrepiece of your outfit, the design, colour, and style can significantly influence your whole look. For example, an all-black cekak musang baju Melayu moden will give off a classy and elegant vibe as opposed to a pastel blue teluk belanga baju Melayu moden. If you’re going for the complete baju Melayu moden look, get yourself a matching kain samping! Keep it minimal with one that matches your baju Melayu moden or spice it up with a contrasting kain samping. For the trendsetters out there, try out the sleeveless baju Melayu moden for a bold look!

What can you find on every single baju Melayu moden? Buttons and studs! The selection for baju Melayu moden accessories is equally as diverse as the types of baju Melayu modens we have available here in Malaysia.

Source: genemartino.com.my

Switch it up with stunning diamond-encrusted dress studs, wooden buttons, square-shaped studs, and more. It doesn’t even have to be a big change; basic white studs on an all-black baju Melayu moden will instantly make your outfit pop. Besides dress studs, you can accessorize with watches, rings, and even necklaces!

Look stylish in your baju Melayu moden from head to toe. Literally. Create the classic slicked back hairstyle with hair wax or pomade when you’re rocking your baju Melayu moden. For a more natural look, simply use your handy dandy hairdryer to brush out your hair! Or just wear a songkok! Now, to the toes! There are sandals, loafers, shoes, dress shoes, and so much variety when it comes to picking out footwear! If you’re wearing the complete set of baju Melayu moden with kain samping, dress shoes are definitely the way to go. Please do not wear your everyday flip-flops with your baju Melayu moden.

Put some thoughts into your outfit! Dressing up can be fun for the guys too, it gives you the chance to express yourself with the clothing you wear. Let the outfit do all the talking for you. Be sure to remember these simple yet easily overlooked styling tips for when you put on your baju Melayu moden next Raya!