Headline: Here Are Unique Ways You Can Style Baju Kebaya For Your Next Date

Simply the power a baju kebaya holds!

You’re getting ready for a date so you open your closet and as usual, the game of “Oh, I’ve got nothing to wear begins!” Let’s be honest, the date outfit for a girl usually ranges from how “fancy” the place you’re going to. It can go from simple jeans with a top to a dress if you’re feeling it. Ok, so why not try venturing into a different zone and try donning a baju kebaya?

Baju kebaya?? Isn’t that a super traditional outfit? Well, honestly, despite being around since approximately the 16th century, baju kebaya is still considered an underrated outfit as it’s not really being used commercially unless it’s Raya season. Well, we would like to say that you should start wearing baju kebaya to your dates as not only is it a very stylish outfit but its versatility is something that’s always overlooked.

Mix and match the baju kebaya with the 21st century!

The traditional kebaya in Malaysia can be either the Kebaya Melayu or the Nyonya Kebaya which is either a knee-length, long-sleeved blouse, worn over a sarong while the Nyonya Kebaya is known for its lace and embroidery.

Now, who’s to say that you can’t bring the baju kebaya to the 21st century? Start mixing in some funky jewellery you thrift in? If you’re going for a quick dash date right after formal events, how about matching your baju kebaya with some slacks just for that perfect clash of both worlds.

How many different types of baju kebaya are there?

No one can deny the elegance of our flight attendants in their baju kebaya!

As we mentioned the two styles of baju kebaya above, there are actually many different styles of baju kebaya worn by women in Malaysia for ages. There’s the Kebaya Riau Pahang known as the Turkish Kebaya made with Songket where the dress extends to the level of the ankle and splits in front.

There’s also the Kebaya Selangor which came from the marriages between the Selangor royal family with their relatives of Perak and Kedah royal families as well as Bugis traditions of Sulawesi. Equipped with long and loose traditional kebaya matched with the sarong cloth. There are many more others you can read about and integrate into your daily style.

What time is it? Is it kebaya-o-clock?

Ok, ideally, given the multitude of kebaya style, you can wear it anywhere but speaking on the issue of going out on dates, maybe you can regulate where you wear it to. It’s probably not the best place to wear to a mall date if you’re not feeling but going out for a fancy dinner, well, FLAUNT IT!

Ladies, let’s start wearing baju kebaya more and more, why not? It’s one of our traditional clothing and honestly, it has aged gracefully! We should be proud to wear a piece of Southeast Asia on us on a daily basis!