Surviving a Long Flight


Ways to Survive Long-Distance Flights

Travelling can be stressful no matter how far you have to go to arrive at your destination, but extended air travel can be particularly draining. Long flights are uncomfortable because you have to share a small space with many other people for an extended period. You don’t have much space to move around, and there is a risk that you may get bored and have nothing to do for hours at a time. This article will give you some helpful tips that you can use to help you survive your next long-distance journey.

Plan to Sleep

If you have a long flight ahead of you that will cross multiple time zones, you may likely need to sleep on the plane. Sleeping in small aeroplane seats can be very difficult, so pack the items you need to sleep in your carry-on luggage. This could include a neck pillow, noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs, or a sleep mask. If you go unprepared, you could find yourself completely exhausted after a fourteen-hour flight with no sleep.

Do Seat Stretches

The inability to move around during a long flight can cause muscle soreness and joint stiffness. Even though you can’t leave your seat frequently, however, you can still flex and stretch a small amount while in your seat to ease the soreness from a long flight. Look up some small chair exercises that you can do from your seat on the aeroplane before your flight. These can include neck stretches, leg stretches and some back twists that will keep your muscles more relaxed during your flight.

Bring Activities

There are usually screens for each seat on long flights that allow you to watch movies or shows to keep your brain occupied. However, it is a good idea to bring some activities of your own if these aren’t available. It can also be good to plan some in-flight activities that aren’t screens to reduce the eye strain of constant screen viewing. You could plan to bring music or podcasts on your phone, a book, word puzzles, or an adult colouring book. These are some great ways to ensure you don’t get bored on your flight.

Ready for Take Off

The key to any successful trip is to be prepared. If you bring everything you need with you, then you won’t have to worry about being bored or uncomfortable during your flight. Follow these tips next time you have a long distance to travel to ensure a pleasant flight.