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Tips for Beginner Fashionistas

Simple Tips To Up Your Style Game

Most of us aren’t trying to model the most recent luxury clothing brands. But all of us can benefit from looking great at our schools, workplaces, and other activity spaces in our community. 

Developing an eye for basic fashion and a distinct personal style can help you ace your next job interview or make a great first impression on a date. This article will give you some simple tips to help you jumpstart your style.

Fit To A Tee

One of the first principles of looking great is ensuring that all your clothing fits you perfectly. Having the right fit not only will ensure that you feel comfortable in your clothes but make you look good too. If you have a hard time finding items that fit well, get a tailor to help you alter your clothing, so it’s perfect for you.

Find Your Style and Colours

Fashion is a great way to express yourself and reflect your personality. You can develop your personal style by creating a mood board of looks you love and then try to emulate those when you select new pieces for your wardrobe. Be sure to look for colours that you love and look good in.

Proportional Balance

When selecting an outfit, be sure to balance the proportions of your clothing to your body type and each other. If you’re wearing something tight on top, consider a looser fitting bottom and vice versa. Consider cuts of clothing that emphasize parts of your body that you love to help you feel comfortable and look great.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Creating a wardrobe that you love can take time. But as you consider different options, you’ll gradually find style pieces that you feel and look great in. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit; you never know what you might end up loving.