Explore Thailand and Help the Economy



Explore Thailand to Help the Economy

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The high season is just around the corner and many people are planning their vacation getaways. Many people are not planning to leave the country during their holiday. There are so many beautiful beaches and resorts in Thailand that it seems pointless to go anywhere else. 

The country’s tourism industry is still recovering from the two-plus years of pandemic lockdowns, quarantines and closed borders that caused hardship for many people. So, this year, why not plan a trip to a rarely visited beach or picturesque village? By exploring the lesser-known, but beautiful and enchanting corners of the country, you’ll be able to help still-struggling restaurants, small hotels, and shops around the country get back on their feet. 

Discover Your New Favorite Place

With the birth of budget airlines, many travelers skipped over the lesser known gems of Thailand and preferred to fly into the most prominent tourist areas like Phuket, Pattaya-Rayong and Chiang Mai. 

Smaller and less-accessible areas suffered a double blow from the lack of a nearby airport on top of the lack of visitors due to the pandemic. During the high season is the perfect time to help the tourism industry recover in the lesser-visited parts of the country. 

You can still fly in close to an interesting looking part of the country, but once there, use a driver’s license and a credit card to explore the area by road. You may just find the perfect spot offering everything you want in a holiday destination. 

Smaller and less frequented by tourists, these locations often deliver exceptional personalized service you’ll never find at resorts overrun with visitors during the tourist season. So, explore Thailand by road and help the economic recovery of the country at the same time that you find your own perfect corner of the country.