How to Organize Your Books

How to Organize Your Books

Organizing your books can sometimes be difficult, especially when your books begin to accumulate into larger and larger piles as you keep adding to your collection. Initially, organizing and categorizing these books can seem like a daunting task. However, there are some simple methods of organization that can make this seemingly difficult task much simpler. Following these tips will make your bookshelf and book collection be much more organized and orderly.  

Categorize by Fiction and Nonfiction

One of the simplest ways to organize your books would be to divide them into two parts, fiction and nonfiction. This can help you differentiate between books with at least one categorization. The advantage of dividing your books in this manner is that you can now easily find books that are nonfiction and educational quickly, while if you’re looking for some leisure reading from certain stories you can also select from your fiction section. 

Get a Larger Bookshelf

One of the ways that books can become disorganized is when your current bookshelf no longer has space to store and display all of your books. As you get new additions to your collection, these new books can end up being piled up somewhere else such as on tables or cabinets or other such locations. Getting a larger bookshelf can alleviate this problem as you now have more space to store all your books.

Categorize by Genre

In addition to just categorizing by fiction and nonfiction, one way you can organize your books further is by categorizing by specific genre within each category of fiction or nonfiction. For instance, for fiction you may have science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and other such types of genres. With nonfiction books there can be a variety of subjects such as biology, history, physics, philosophy, economics, and so on. Categorizing all your books and grouping them together makes your overall collection more organized and aesthetically pleasing.